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Pancrazio Auteri


Roadmap to Product Management for Startups

Pancrazio co-founded several startups and covered leadership roles in innovative companies (TiVo acquired by Xperi, Fing acquired by LanSweeper, Tvblob acquired by Minerva, Vendini acquired by AudienceView).

His specialty is applying customer discovery, UX and service design to problems that are hard, fun and valuable for the society – Angel investor and advisor in US & Europe (Berkeley SkyDeck, InnovIT, Genoa ES) – Helping founders accelerating product-market fit – Helping product managers becoming the lighthouse for product discovery and delivery – Observing people to find real problems to solve through design and technology, at scale – He keeps learning that design dissolves into behavior and there is always a job to be done.

Pancrazio Auteri

Helping venture-backed founders accelerate product-market fit, sales and fundraising

Pancrazio Auteri

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