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Gary Gilchrist


Blueprint for Building a Successful sales organization in the US

With over 25 years of experience in building and transforming sales organizations for high-growth companies, Gary is a seasoned executive and a proven leader in the B2B sales domain. 

Track record of leading nearly half a dozen companies to a successful exit (M&A, IPO) typically within 18 months of hire. Ability to turn around underperforming sales teams and achieve top-line impact by aligning marketing operations and customer success to help execute on growth strategies entering new markets for small, mid and large organizations. 

Most recently CEO of The Inception Company, a full-service live-meeting and virtual events SaaS platform. Lead the evolution of the sales strategy, sales process, outbound marketing, training, hiring, and compensation planning. 

Expertise spans across SaaS, Big Data, Data Services, Marketing Automation, CRM, Sales Enablement, Revenue Attribution, Business Development, Strategy and Marketing for leading technology and software innovators. Mentor and player coach who can empower sales teams to deliver value and exceed expectations.

Gary Gilchrist

CEO | Chief Revenue Officer | Board Advisor | Growth Accelerator

Gary Gilchrist

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