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Blueprint for Building a Successful Sales Organization in the US

Jun 4, 2024 - Jun 25, 2024

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Join us for an exclusive webinar, where seasoned executive and B2B sales expert, Gary Gilchrist, shares invaluable insights on building a robust sales infrastructure for startups entering the US market and scaling globally. With over 25 years of experience of transforming sales organizations for high-growth companies, Gary brings a wealth of knowledge to guide high growth companies through the complexities of global expansion. What you can expect. Learn how to hire the right sales talent. How to focus your Go-To-Market Strategy. Why Credibility is more important than product. Series Format and Frequency. Live Webinar, Twice Weekly Sessions Module #1: Strategizing Your First 6 Months in the US Module #2: Hiring the Right Sales Team for Your GTM Strategy Module #3: The Importance of Market Localization in the US

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Building a Successful Sales Organization in the US

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