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Product: Build the Right Thing Faster, Boost Sales and Retention

Aug 20, 2024 - Sep 24, 2024

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Quickly identify market needs, the initial target segment, and how to do customer discovery. Build validation with pretotyping and fast product development. Work on team communication to avoid product drifting and accelerate product-market fit with a focus on releases and value measurement. Build the overall roadmap for product and business, enabling effective positioning, messaging, website, sales pitch, and investor pitch. Module #1. How to Discover What the Market Will Buy and Use Module #2. How to Stay Focused, Speed Up Releases, and Get User Feedback Module #3. How to Position Your Solution and Find Your Place in the Market Module #4. How to Align Everybody: Building and Using the Product Roadmap Module #5. Putting It All Together: Supporting Growth and Creating the Conditions to Raise Capital

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Roadmap to Product Management for Startups

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