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Pitch Like a Pro: Mastering Startup Communication for Growth

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Elevate your startup communication game with this comprehensive program led by seasoned entrepreneurship educator and CEO coach, Sandra Miller. Through seven targeted modules, you’ll master the art of crafting and delivering compelling pitches for investors, corporate customers, and pitch event judges. Learn the critical elements of a 4-minute investor pitch, discover which slides make or break your presentation, and maximize your impact at Demo Day. Whether pitching online or in-person, this series will help you handle questions and feedback with confidence. Plus, you’ll receive a checklist and many helpful resources and tools to prepare for your next pitch. Module 0: Get to Know Sandra and Learn More About This Series Module 1: Elements of a 4-Minute Investor Pitch Module 2: Every Slide is Important, But These are Critical Module 3: Getting the Most Out of Your Demo Day Pitch and Event Module 4: Pitching Online and In-Person Module 5: Responding to Questions & Feedback from Pitch Event Judges Module 6: A Checklist to Prepare for Your Next Pitch Module 7: Pitching to Potential Corporate Customers Each video in this series is designed to be concise yet impactful, with a runtime of 5 minutes or less. This bite-sized format ensures that you can easily fit them into your busy schedule while still reaping the full benefits of Sandra's expertise.

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Pitch Like a Pro

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